I’m “That Mom”


I’m “That Mom”.
I’m sure you’re reading this, thinking I mean,
I’m the Mom who never misses a PTO meeting“,
I’m the Mom who bathes her kids every night, and reminds them to brush their teeth before bed
or “I’m the Mom who takes her kids to dance lessons on Tuesdays, soccer practice on Wednesdays and piano lessons on Sunday evenings“, but I’m not.
I thought I would be…
I tried to be…
But let’s be real, I’M SELFISH and I enjoy my time at home, with my phone in my hand, no pants on, and a baby on the boob while the older kids play in their rooms. And I think that’s totally fine!

Here’s what kind of “That Mom” I am:

-I’m the Mom who hasn’t brushed her hair in 3 days, and is always in a baseball hat.

-I’m the Mom who doesn’t pack lunch and special snacks for her kid with food allergies.

-I’m the Mom who throws the clean laundry in a pile in the living room, and folds it once every 2 weeks.

-I’m the Mom who likes to step out for a cigarette, after the kids go to bed.

-I’m the Mom who still has chocolate on her sweatpants from yesterdays breakfast.

-I’m the Mom who feeds her kids cold hot dogs and single-serve apple sauce for lunch.

-I’m the Mom who has to walk the kids into school at least once a week because I decided “5 more minutes” was absolutely necessary, too many times.

-I’m the Mom who is on anti-depressants so I don’t yell at my kids (or husband).

-I’m the Mom who is somehow always on social media.

-I’m the Mom whose 1 year old son is crawling around in the kitchen floor right now, in a pink hand-me-down from 3 kids ago.

-I’m the Mom who would love to cook with her kids, but as soon as they get egg shell in the batter, or start stirring too hard (or not hard enough), I take over and tell them to go play.

-I’m the Mom who buys Pop-Tart’s in bulk so I don’t have to cook breakfast, ever.

-I’m the Mom who let’s her kids say words like, fart, crap, butt, stupid and shut-up.

-I’m the Mom who is constantly distracted.

-and I’m the Mom who doesn’t change a pee diaper until I think there’s enough pee in it to matter.

I did somehow manage to become “The Pinterest Mom” and “The Mom who takes too many pictures“, I guess I had to luck out somewhere where it counts. It couldn’t all be shortcomings, or the “Mom Wars” people would have tried calling CPS long ago (cash me outside, howbah dat?)

The moral of the story, we’re all different, our children are all different, our parents were different from us, and our children will be different parents that we are. Nobody really know what they’re doing, but as long as we do the best we can, I don’t really see any reason to worry about which “That Mom” you are. Just love your kids, take care of yourself and give parenting your best shot, because that’s all any of us can really do.

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7 thoughts on “I’m “That Mom”

  1. I love your list! When my oldest was born I was nuts. I even ironed his tiny t-shirts and jeans. Then my second son was born and I found out what real kids are like. My first was perfect. The second was the answer to the mother’s curse, “I hope someday you have a child who acts just like you!” I stopped ironing and started trying to develop a taste for alcohol.I scanned the backs of magazines looking for a good, out-of-state, military preschool.
    Ain’t motherhood grand?

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