Family Circle


  • Every week we try to do a “Family Circle” discussion, where we sit around the coffee table, talk and do stimulating activities, to teach our kids (they have taught us a few things along the way in turn) lessons they may not learn in school, or that school may not expand on, that we see as necessary knowledge.

    We’ve done so many topics, I can’t remember them all. Here are a few:

    First Aid
    Money Management
    Stranger Danger

  • Friendship and Kindness
  • Controlling Anger
  • (and a few touchy topics, that took some seriously careful planning)
  • World Religions and Atheism
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • and Human Rights

    Some idea’s I have for the future are:

  • Politics & Political Parties
  • Parenting
  • Marriage
  • Taxes
  • Future Career Paths
  • College
  • and Going Green

Usually we have a snack, turn on background music to keep the energy up, and start with explaining the topic and it’s importance, while the kids munch.

Once we’re confident that everyone understands what’s up, we do an activity; for example, when we did Money Management, we used Monopoly money, everyone chose a hypothetical job, relationship status, and whether or not they had children. We dispersed how much money they would get based on their job, added in their bills, food, and basic necessities to show them what was left.

It went pretty well and ended up with one kid who thought she wanted 6 kids, to decide “I just want to be an aunt” (lol), and another kid has (quite seriously for a 7 year old) started a life plan to attend culinary school and open a Bakery!

These things are important for families to talk about. I feel I was raised fairly well, and still we very rarely talked about things like these, and some of the topics I didn’t even know the reality of until I was a parent myself! It’s so important to educate your children on these things before they experience them. I just know I never want my children to feel like we didn’t prepare them for life as an adult, because after all, that’s our main goal when it really comes down to it, isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Family Circle

  1. Reblogged this on A Vodka Kind of Mom and commented:
    I really like this idea of “Family Circle.” We would have to start our discussions out as pretty basic and simple ideas; such as family, friendship, kindness, bullies, hitting, etc. I think Cash would really enjoy this, and I know Tyson and I both would. Tate wouldn’t be much of a participant yet, but he could listen and get the yummy snacks. 🙂

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